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composed by the Bhats during the time of Kumara Aiiantaraja
it is stated that Tirumalaraja crushed the f alerts of the wannes
on the frontier, and having put the enemies to death each
separately? he perished lite Abhimanyu in the fight.
The capture of Siddhavatam by Ellamaraja is also men-
tioned in an inscription which his son Anantaraja caused to be
engraved on the wall, enclosing the Siddhesvara shrine which
he erected.
** In   the   Saka   year (counted by', horses  (T)  eyes  (2)
arrows (5) earth (l),i.e. 1527 corresponding- to Vi^vavasu.. ......
Ananta built the large stone wall of Siddhavatam which his
father obtained (as a consequence of his victory) in the battle
of U tukur."
Moreover, in the Telugu slsamalika that is inscribed just
below this verse, it is said that his (Ananta's) father, Eilama
converted a spring near Siddhavatam, which he took at the
point of the sword after defeating Kondraju Tirupatiraju, into
an irrigation tank and called it after his name.
Ellamaraja Devacoda Maharaja effected the conquest of
Siddhavatam and other districts in the manner described above*
In accordance with his solemn promise, Venkatapatiraya grant-
ed to Matla Ellamaraja as amara-nayamkara Pulugula-naft slma
included in the Candragiri rajya together with Pottapi-wodt* and
Siddhavatam slmas belonging to the TJdayagiri rajya. More-
over, he entrusted to him the administration of the districts of
Cennur, Duwur, Kamalapuram, Porumamilla and Badvell
At that time, Sr'iman Mahamandale£vara Nandyala
Kr§namaraja, the governor of Nandyala slma^ did not acknow-
ledge the sovereignty of Venkatapati Maharaya. In S. S. 1520
Hevilambi, when Venkatapatiraya started from Candn^M
with his army to subdue him, he took Ellamaraja .also with him*
Having left Candragiri he reached Perusomala in tke Koila-
ku^tia sTima, where he halted three days* Thence he advanced
upon Nandyala and laid siege to it Kff$amar£ja defended fee
fort for three months, but he could not offer further resistance